Monday, 29 February 2016


The success of whatever you want to achieve in life must come first from the inside of you. Once your victory is confirmed from within, it becomes apparent to all. Life's situation can be very overwhelming, but if you choose to see your victory in that tough situation, it won't be long before you start seeing physical results. Refuse to worry. Refuse to allow the situation drown you. Conquer! 

Thursday, 25 February 2016


I was deceived many years ago by this belief, that when  you are seeking for a life partner, he or she should be the opposite of you, in that if the man is hot, the woman should be cold, or if the man is very outgoing, the woman should be meek and homely and vice versa. This is a lie that people of low minds made us to believe. It was then in my cause of finding the truth, the real deal about marriage that the HOLY SPIRIT told me that, if I want to enjoy the rest of my life with my spouse, we both MUST be alike and have a lot of things in common. For example, am a strong believer of JESUS, and I grew up knowing what respect and good decorum is all about; it would be a disaster to settle with a man completely opposite of me- he does not believe strongly in JESUS and he was not well brought up; what kind of marriage will this opposite bring? The answer Is total disaster. I must tell you! 

Do not be deceived by those lies we were told by people who want to get away with living the life of lies and cheating. You and your spouse should have a lot of things in common. Part of the law of attraction says that, positive attracts positive, while negative attracts negative. 

So I see no reason why as a believer and a well brought up man  or woman, you would opt for a spouse who does not have the slightest idea of what a good upbringing means or even know who GOD is. And you hear them say something like "he/she makes me happy". But how about the real deal, that's the marriage proper? As far as I know, the happiness you are experiencing is temporal because you both are still dating and he or she will do everything to hide their real selves until you get into marriage. 

In marriage, the likes should attract, while the unlikes should repel, not the other way round. That is why there are a lot of issues in marriages. 

May GOD help us all to understand this great assignment. I pray that we get the knowledge of what works, so that we all can enjoy the good life GOD desires us to live. 

Be wise. Be inspired. Be open to learn. Never lower your standard for what is not right!

Wednesday, 24 February 2016


"If you can see it, and you have the courage to speak it, it will happen". 

There is no better way to get inspired than to see someone you know practically turn his/her dreams into reality using the power of imagination and spoken words. You need to know that there is power in spoken words. 

When you have a thought that matches with what you want for your life, do not keep it to yourself; speak it! Speak it as though they are happening for real. Stop bottling your thoughts. Someone said that a closed mouth is a closed destiny. It is only a matter of time, then your dreams will become a reality; only if you speak it and don't waver!

Friday, 19 February 2016


Have you ever wondered why the same thing that you were happy and excited about, that seemed like an answered prayer, turned out to be "uninteresting" or "bad"? For example, the initial butterflies you both felt at the beginning of your relationship, and why all the sweet, rosy, lovey dovey suddenly became a tug of war? 

I made a research, and  I got the following answers;

It is because you stopped paying close attention to details to whatever you were committed to; be it your relationship, a new project etc.

It is because you allowed your focus to slip from the wonderful plans you had when you made up your mind to commit to the task.

It is because you forgot the very essence why you decided to commit to the task. 

It is because you stopped believing in your good course. 

It is because you stopped loving and trusting. 

And to remedy the situation or not even be in such a situation at all, here is what I learnt you should do:

Always remind yourself the reason you decided to commit to the task in the first place.

Never lose focus, no matter the challenge. 

Never say never.

Never lose love. Never lose trust. 

Never take your commitment for granted. 

Always pay close attention to details. 

Always expect the best not the worst.Be positive!

Remain faithful to your course!


Stanbic IBTC presented a lasting gift, Educational trust fund to Olajumoke's children. Presentation was held yesterday at the Stanbic IBTC headquarters, Walter Carrington, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria. The people that were present at the presentation were Ame Okwudi, Event and CSI Manager, TY Bello, Popular Nigerian Photographer/Musician, Binta Max-Gbinijie, Chief Executive, Stanbic IBTC Trustees, Olajumoke/ her husband, Sunday Orisaguna and Angela Omodare, legal adviser. 

Congratulations Olajumoke. May GOD continue to shine HIS light on you and your family. See pictures below:

Thursday, 18 February 2016



When someone says something like, " manage your expectations", what the person means is that you should lower your expectations. Has someone told you that before? Yes, I heard that a lot years ago when I was still single. I heard things like, "girl your expectations are too high, you need to lower them because the world does not revolve around you." Someone actually said that to me. Lol. But you know what? I refused to allow her to talk me down or change me or influence me to lower my expectations or affect me negatively. But did I get what I was expecting eventually? You bet I did; even when odds were against me!

So you see, the best way to manage your expectations is to raise them; as long as you have the right motives.  Learn to believe in what you want and hold on to it, even in the face of opposition- false evidence appearing real! 

No matter what others may say, learn to expect better. Learn to expect love.Learn to expect to live and enjoy the good life. Learn to expect a different treatment even when others are receiving worse. 

When you learn to expect, you are saying, "yes I believe I will have it, or yes I believe it will happen" depending on what you are expecting! 

Develop your expectations by learning and practicing it. When you ask someone to assist you on something, instead of being the usual pessimist, try and believe that the person will help you get it done by expecting a positive feedback.

Continue at it and keep practicing, and you will find out that your repeated thoughts and the positive images will become a reality. 

Wednesday, 17 February 2016



On receiving the "Album of the year" award, Taylor Swift made an acceptance speech that amazed the world. Read the excerpt:

"I want to say to all the young women out there- there are going to be people along the way who are going to try to undercut your success or take credit for your accomplishments or fame". 

Read more, 

"If you just focus on the work, and you don't let people sidetrack you, someday, when you get where you're going, you'll look around and you'll know that it was you and the people who love you that put you there, and that will be the greatest feeling in the world."

Contrary to what the world was expecting, following her arguments with Kanye West last week where he claims in his new song, Famous, "I made that bitch famous"; they thought that would be the golden opportunity for her to throw shades at Kanye West and tell the world "her own side of the story" or whatever, but instead, she wisely turned the argument which made her look like the victim, and changed it into an inspirational speech to the young women and to the world. 

Moral lesson:

Taylor Swift refused to allow the conversation to remain about someone else's lyrics or behaviour. Instead, she took the power back by changing the conversation from being a victim to being a role model delivering inspiring speech. She refused to be the victim, even though it was a painful experience!

Yes as humans, when someone is trying to drag us into a controversy, our initial reaction is usually to talk about what is being said and how untrue it is. But today, let us learn from this young woman and to also know that, the more you talk about someone else's gossip, the more believable it becomes. 

Taylor Swift is also the first female artist to ever win Album of the year twice. 

People will always talk about you, no matter how good you are! So ignore the detractors and continue to soar!


Can we talk, ladies?

The same tall, slim, six packs guy you are killing yourself over for, today, may eventually not be your "spec" many years after. 

What do you really call "my spec"? The physical looks? Truth be told, looks have made so many people make the worst mistakes of their lives. From experience, I will tell you that looks are very deceptive; things are not always as they seem. That is why you should pray about choosing the right person. Go for quality, not quantity! Those six packs will disappear. Trust me. I guess he is working out now, going to the gym every second to keep the charming physique; that is why you are tripping and playing second fiddle? Receiving all the insults? Watching him play around with other women, while you play the "good girl" who turns a blind eye to all the nonchalant and uncaring attitudes, misbehaviours, so that he can marry you because all your mates are getting married? 

Ladies come on??? You need to start realising your worth; GOD took HIS time to form you, because HE knows your worth. Why do you want to settle for the less because "all your mates are married?"

I remember years back, my very close friend (we're still friends till date, more like sisters) told me never to accept any man because of his physical looks. Would you not best choose someone who will treat you with love and respect like the queen that you are? Instead of going after a man with all the so called tall, dark and handsome cliché, who will not have a single respect for you or your family? 

Girl friend, please be very careful and seek for GOD'S perfect will, because if you are not careful, years down the line, given the opportunity, you would wish that you could turn back the hands of time, inorder to get it right! Some mistakes can be corrected, while some have drowned a lot of people! 

Seek GODS face now; you can never go wrong with HIM. HE has the best plans for us.

Tuesday, 16 February 2016


Do not be afraid to ask questions! If you do not ask questions, how would you get answers? 


WHEN GOD remembers you, HE makes a public show of it, to the glory of HIS name. Go Olajumoke....I am very happy for you. Keep soaring, ain't nothing stopping you! 



She's so camera friendly. You all will agree with me that she was destined to be a model. Poverty is a curse! For anyone who has a dream, GOD will make it happen for you. If you believe, type Amen!

Makeup/Photo Credit: Christine Signatures


Payporte officially signs Olajumoke as the face of their 2016 campaign. I learnt that this contract is long term. Congratulations Olajumoke! May GOD see you through this path. I am overjoyed! GOD is GOD; not a man! See picture after cut:

Monday, 15 February 2016



Whenever there is a deep, heartfelt passion, you do not have to look far to find somebody who will try to kill it. Even well-intentioned people within your church can be quick to tell you why you should not move in a direction that fits your passion. 

Many prefer the comfort of isolated and non-threatening environments to the challenging opportunities of stepping into an arena where, though it may be uncomfortable, you could make a significant difference. 

What you are doing might not look satisfying to people, but as long as it is your passion and you believe in your course, remain in the line of your purpose; and do not lose focus! 

Most times, greatness is usually overlooked, because of its insignificance at that time (small beginning)! Also, be careful who you share your plans with; because your plans might look impossible to the person and all you will get is a trailer loads of discouragement instead of that one push that you need! The economy in my country is not friendly at the moment, so as long as what you are doing is not yielding obvious money, people will not regard your efforts. But they forget that you cannot stop a man with purpose! 


To someone out there who is praying and trusting GOD for a breakthrough, watch this video. When GOD says it's your time, HE makes everything, I mean everything to work in your favour! Hold on to GOD and be inspired.

Sunday, 14 February 2016


I could not have forgotten to send you all my love today. Been unwell all day. Still had to make out time to tell you I care. Hope you know that love is a second, minute, hour, and an everyday day thing. Let's express it because GOD commands us to. You all are amazing! Happy Valentines Day......... 

Saturday, 13 February 2016



The story of Olajumoke is likened to the sculpture where the psalmist said, that GOD brought him from the miry clay and set his feet upon the rock! 

You can call her story luck or opportunity or preparation, whatever, but I will still continue to see someone who was helpless, but suddenly received a divine help from GOD. Trust me, there are a lot of people who are more prepared than Olajumoke, more skilled, more qualified, yet they are no where. So if you sit there and attribute this story as opportunity meeting with preparation, then you do not know what GOD is capable of doing. 

Have you not heard that GOD uses the foolish things of this world to confound the wise? Or have you not heard that GOD does not need you to be qualified before HE uses you to make a name for HIMSELF? Well, enough said already. 

Let me thrill you will some pictures of Olajumoke being given a family luxury apartment by Sujimoto, and also certificate of scholarship to further and improve on her education and English language. GOD is wonderful! 

See pictures below:
                   How it all began

Olajumoke, receiving her certificates, with her husband and their little daughter.

What more can I say? This can only be GOD! May HE guide you through this path, Olajumoke! 


Thursday, 11 February 2016



Where there is no vision or clarity of purpose, there will be total confusion. Do not ignorantly go with the flow, just to see what happens. Do not live your life like that. You are special. 

Whatever you set out to do, clearly give it a definition. A lot of us were victims of not defining what we really wanted in the past. We allowed others to define for us, and you know what? The outcome isn't ever a sweet one when you allow someone else to define your purpose, trust me. 

You are the one looking for something and you know exactly what you want. So, if what is in front of you isn't what you want or does not match the "name" of what you are looking for, do not accept anything less! As long as you know what you want, you will never get confused, no matter how well an offer is packaged! 

It is a very wonderful thing, when you are living the life you'd desired to live, just because you knew what you wanted and you went all the way to achieve it- with the help of GOD! 

Stay focused! 


A very short piece, but fully loaded. Read below:

When you put GOD first, you live by HIS scripturally prescribed standards for you. You do not compare your marriage to others or permit external unscriptural forces to influence and control your relationship. Your marriage is regulated by scriptural values and principles. When you put GOD first, you will enjoy HIS peace and comfort all your life's journey.

Tuesday, 9 February 2016


Never compare your children with others. No child is the same, even the ones from the same womb.

Never panic  when your child is unwell. A mothers approach especially towards the affairs of her children, play a big role in the way a child responds to a situation, which would affect the child's life, positively or negatively. If your child(ren) always sees you cry at every given unwelcoming situation, it will affect their emotion as they grow. You will/ might end up raising moody and unhappy children.

Never ignore your instinct; it is very powerful.

Never always be too forward to assist your child in some "do it yourself" activities, even if they give you the "i can't do it" expression. Always encourage your child to learn to do some basic things herself, like feeding herself, tieing her shoe lace, carrying her school bag, setting her table for breakfast or lunch or dinner, reading her story books, doing her homework etc. This will help your child to be able to stand on her two feet in the society as she grows.

Never be your child's spokesman. Encourage your child to speak for herself or himself. For example, if your child sees something she likes in a shop and would love to find out more about it as long as that thing will add value to her life intellectually and she wipers to your ears to draw the attendants attention, encourage her to speak up and make her request without shying away or wanting you to speak for her. By encouraging your child to speak for herself, she becomes confident at expressing herself as time goes on. Children that speak for themselves are not easily intimated. 

Never ignore or shove your child whenever he or she needs your attention or asks questions. Children are very sensitive and tend to go into their shell whenever they are treated wrongly. And if unfortunately you did not realise how hurt your child felt at your response towards her, it might be too late to save your child from drowning in depression and rejection. As mothers and as parents, be very sensitive to your children's emotions.  

Monday, 8 February 2016


One of the great people I know said that, the greater the difference in the energy level that exists between two people, the lesser the chances that they will enjoy a healthy and compatible relationship together; and they will have so much to complain about unless they are ready to go all the way to make sacrifices, which is what marriage is all about anyway.

As much as a lot of people, including me were not even aware of this fact while considering choosing a life partner, this saying happens to be true, though a few of us got lucky. That is why they say that knowledge is power and if you are single, ensure you consider this factor very well before choosing a life partner. For example, if you are the party hard, fun and out going type, choose a partner who loves as much fun, but must not necessarily have exact same energy, because no two people has the same energy level.

As humans, we all tend to operate on certain energy levels. This energy level will influence and determine how much time we spend talking, working, being awake or asleep. Some people tend to require lots of rest and sleep and also seem to tire so easily. Other people seem capable of performing ten times the task that would tire out others. 

Our energy levels influence virtually everything we do! The closer the energy level of two people, the longer they will be able to stay together as friends and also as a couple. And there will hardly be occasions where by one partner fails to share himself or herself sufficiently with the other as a result of excuses of being too tired every single time. 

Very true that no two people possess the exact same energy levels, but far reaching differences would lead to a disturbing imbalance in the nature and duration of shared activities between the couples. This in turn would to some extent, affect the quality of the relationship that a couple enjoys.  

What's your thought on this. Please I would like you to share......



Jumoke, accidentally walking into her destiny in the line of duty - hawking her Agege bread on the street of Lagos, Nigeria. 

Olajumoke, the Agege bread seller who came to light "accidentally" when TY Bello, one of Nigeria's ingenious photographers captured her unknowingly as she passed by with her loads of bread on her head, during a photo session with Tinie Tempah, an American Artist. Her news is all over the media and people are excited and happy for her. This is a story of "From grass to grace."

Olajumoke, is a 27 years old mother of two, who came to Lagos with her little girl for greener pastures, while her husband stayed back with their 4 year old child. A lot of people have attributed her story to luck, but you see, I call it "remembrance". GOD remembered her good work! 

All along, this young woman had struggled to sell her Agege bread,  and could only make gain of  300-500 naira per day, no one noticed her efforts- most people may have asked how she was ever going to survive or make a living out of hawking Agege bread. But amazingly, her story has changed. 

Now, all that matters to people is the fame and the good news that follows her, but no one knew how hard she worked. No one knew how she fought those nightmares of "you cannot make it going this way". The world does not know what it took her- patience, not compromising or dishonouring her marriage for some quick cash, her sacrifices, the lonely nights without her husband etc. They think it's luck; but the ones who win are the ones who know. 

I want to encourage someone reading this post, NEVER GIVE UP. Never consider taking any short cut because you want to make money or you want to become famous. If it is bread you are hawking, be faithful in it like our dear sister Jumoke was. Whatever good thing you are doing, be rest assured that it will surely pay off. Just be patient with yourself. People are watching you, they are seeing you, even though no one is complimenting your efforts. But most importantly, GOD is seeing you as well. Always keep this in mind. 

Look for Jumoke's story online or buy ThisDay style Newspaper and read more of her story. Be inspired! 

Check out the transformed Jumoke, on the cover page of Nigeria ThisDay Style Newspaper. Her success story just began! She is an amazing woman with an amazing story.
This is the new Jumoke on the cover page of ThisDay Style. Her life has changed. Amazing young woman with an amazing story. 

Jumoke and her little daughter. 

Who's next. I wish you well Olajumoke!!!! I am so inspired and lifted and most of all, highly motivated to continue doing what I am doing! Your story has inspired lives and has given hope to anyone who was just about throwing in the towel! 

Photo Credit: TY Bello

Saturday, 6 February 2016


Most times, I feel excited and excellently smart, while sometimes I feel like I am just there whiling away time. And this is how basically everyone sees it. As long as you are not out there making some cash yet, you are a loser. You know what am talking about? 

Okay, If you find yourself in such situation and you have no one to share your thoughts with or even understand what you are going through at the moment, look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself, "everything is going to be fine." You are not alone in this; a lot of people go through some stuff sometimes you know. Encourage yourself, and remind yourself those times you'd "pull down mountains" with your bare hands. 

Hey, those things we call mistakes most times actually are blessings in disguise, do you agree? Yes, tell yourself that. Everything is going to be fine. Do the best you can with what you have. You are not everybody; you are you. If writing gives you joy, go ahead and continue to write.  The truth is, good always comes out in doing good. Tell yourself you are getting better and things can and will only get better okay. 

The most important thing is your motive- if it right, then that is all that matters. Take it easy with yourself, everything is going to be fine....

Friday, 5 February 2016



Someone once said that, being filthy rich will not automatically make anyone happy, but the process of acquiring it will bring more happiness than the wealth itself. I agree. 

To me, the main purpose of acquiring wealth in the first place, is to provide value to others. If you are living your life's purpose, if your heart is in the right place, money will never have anything to do with your levels of happiness. Too many rich people out there, yet they are very lonely, they are not happy in spite of their riches. They indulge in so many negative activities in search of happiness. But no, the truth is you can never find happiness in those places. You can only find happiness when you look within yourself to discover your true purpose aside from the riches. Only then can the two, riches and happiness synchronise. 

The point is, no amount of money will really make you happy. It is about finding your purpose. Yet, In addition, NEVER is poverty a thing to consider- it does not buy happiness either! 

Therefore, find your purpose and find happiness. 

Happy weekend friends. 

Thursday, 4 February 2016


Sometimes, misunderstanding arises even in the very best of relationships. Oh yes, it does. 

Someone once said that, if there are no misunderstanding in your relationship, you should get suspicious that something is very wrong. When you are learning each other, there is every tendency that arguments would occur, may be as a result if experiences, personalities or even background differences. But whichever it is, the willingness to admit, face and discuss issues that cause misunderstandings, which lead to emotional stress in your relationship is a vital key to a successful relationship. 

A lot of couples hide their feelings and emotions because they want to avoid misunderstanding or quarell with their partners. They harbour all kinds of emotional hurt and pretend that everything is okay. With every passing time, these little unexpressed negative emotions become deep rooted problems, which eventually lead to an implosion (violent outburst from the inside)- that is when you hear this phrase "as a result of irreconcilable differences." 

However, successful couples realise that when they express their true emotions, they are helping the relationship to grow deeper, emotionally and spiritually. 

Expressing your feeling is like when a cloud becomes bright again, after it threatened to rain, but it did not. Talk about your feelings in a loving and none destructive manner; after all, this is the person you profess your love to everyday. You can express your feelings or point out facts, without hurting your partner in any way.  That is why we need wisdom in our relationships and life generally. 

My mom will always say, "Real and lasting intimacy can only be developed in a strife-free atmosphere. When you resolve your arguments quickly, you create room for love and intimacy to thrive and grow.

I wish all marriages the best love ever! Show love, give love and share love to/with your spouse at every given opportunity you have. Love is a way of life and should be seen in our attitude towards our spouse. 

"A happy home makes a happy generation."

Tuesday, 2 February 2016


Money plays quite a significant role in life and relationships, but successful relationships are not built primarily on money. When money is available, needs are met with ease, it will also help you to pursue and fulfil your dreams with ease. Money is a big advantage to your abilities, skills and expertise. With money in your hands, you are able to fully express and utilise GOD'S gifts and talents. Money gives you access to places, people and sometimes projects that guarantee your future. Without money, some doors may be closed on you and your dream may just keep struggling to find expression. You may be confined to a particular place or social class because of lack of financial freedom. 

However, having said all these about money, I will like to say that money in itself does not determine the success or failure of a relationship. If all the EXTREMELY IMPORTANT factors are not in place in your relationship, but you have lots of money to meet your material and physical needs, It may still fail. 

I know a lot of people who measure a potential partner by the amount of money he or she has. They assume that the more money the person has, the easier it will be to get along with him or her or enjoy a successful relationship. But they fail to understand that money has no character of its own, rather it reflects the character of its owner. 

Have you not seen or met people who are financially successful but are emotionally and spiritually poor? I always believe that money can become your servant or your master, depending on how you comport yourself when with money. It is very important to build on yourself to that level where money does not have any negative influence over you. Money should serve you, your spouse, your children, your purpose. The presence or absence of money should not determine your mood. Money in your life is an additional bonus to the real purpose to which you are joined to your spouse- which is relationship! When your relationship with your spouse is intact, every other benefits that come along is a bonus. 

When you have these in mind, you will know how to draw the line between money and your life as a person. 

Monday, 1 February 2016


Happy New Month Friends!!!! I am grateful to GOD for HIS faithfulness thus far. I am so excited about this February, honestly. I hope you are too. Hope is powerful, never lose it! So here is something inspiring I will love to share with you, and I hope you get inspired by it, even as we welcome the new month of February. Oh it's leap year, you know that? And we are having 29 days in this month. So you have all the days to achieve greatness. Let's do this!

The things I have learnt over the years and I am still learning;

Let your past go- mistakes, regrets, things you could have done right but you did not, and so on. The truth is, your past can never affect your future unless you let it. Whatever happened in your past that seemed unpleasant, could be a blessing in disguise. You learnt better. But you cannot learn better if you are still holding on to your past. So let it go!

You can never please everybody, so stop trying too hard. No matter how good, caring, composed, reserved you are, someone somewhere might not just be pleased with your good nature. Live a good life, please GOD by doing the things you know HE will love to see you do. That is what matters. Unless you are ready to get frustrated and lose it, then you can go on pleasing everybody.

Love yourself. Appreciate yourself. Do not be too quick to throw in the towel. Tell yourself that you are important. Make room for yourself at all times. A lot of people do not make room for themselves. They blame themselves so much whenever they make a mistake and would even attempt to hurt themselves, because they felt they deserved to be punished. If you love yourself, you will never think of hurting yourself, you will be able give and share love. But if you do not love yourself, how can you give and share what you do not have?

Do not force yourself on anything whatsoever- be it relationship, friendship, decision and so on. If you force yourself on something or someone, you will be forced out of it. That is the way it is. What is yours is yours, and what is not yours is not yours.

Improve on yourself. Strive to be the better person. People are generally selfish. I cannot even begin to talk about the incident that happened recently. But dare to stand out and be different. Do not let anyone put you down or bring you to the level of taking revenge. Revenge will only leave you in more pains and regrets. See any challenge as an opportunity to grow and mature into a better person.

Always listen to yourself. Do not be too quick to speak if you have not gotten the facts. Listening is a powerful tool, but not recognised. Listen helps you understand, learn and grow. When you pay close attention to detail, you will avoid some terrible mistakes.

Challenge yourself. Be adventurous at times. Try new things. Do not limit yourself. There is so much inside of you than you can ever imagine. Most times, it takes just a risk to become successful.

Surround yourself with people with positive energies. Laugh and be happy with yourself and life.

Circumstances will bring you to learning these. That is how we grow, by learning.

Have a great month friends!