Tuesday, 2 February 2016


Money plays quite a significant role in life and relationships, but successful relationships are not built primarily on money. When money is available, needs are met with ease, it will also help you to pursue and fulfil your dreams with ease. Money is a big advantage to your abilities, skills and expertise. With money in your hands, you are able to fully express and utilise GOD'S gifts and talents. Money gives you access to places, people and sometimes projects that guarantee your future. Without money, some doors may be closed on you and your dream may just keep struggling to find expression. You may be confined to a particular place or social class because of lack of financial freedom. 

However, having said all these about money, I will like to say that money in itself does not determine the success or failure of a relationship. If all the EXTREMELY IMPORTANT factors are not in place in your relationship, but you have lots of money to meet your material and physical needs, It may still fail. 

I know a lot of people who measure a potential partner by the amount of money he or she has. They assume that the more money the person has, the easier it will be to get along with him or her or enjoy a successful relationship. But they fail to understand that money has no character of its own, rather it reflects the character of its owner. 

Have you not seen or met people who are financially successful but are emotionally and spiritually poor? I always believe that money can become your servant or your master, depending on how you comport yourself when with money. It is very important to build on yourself to that level where money does not have any negative influence over you. Money should serve you, your spouse, your children, your purpose. The presence or absence of money should not determine your mood. Money in your life is an additional bonus to the real purpose to which you are joined to your spouse- which is relationship! When your relationship with your spouse is intact, every other benefits that come along is a bonus. 

When you have these in mind, you will know how to draw the line between money and your life as a person. 

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