Monday, 8 February 2016


Jumoke, accidentally walking into her destiny in the line of duty - hawking her Agege bread on the street of Lagos, Nigeria. 

Olajumoke, the Agege bread seller who came to light "accidentally" when TY Bello, one of Nigeria's ingenious photographers captured her unknowingly as she passed by with her loads of bread on her head, during a photo session with Tinie Tempah, an American Artist. Her news is all over the media and people are excited and happy for her. This is a story of "From grass to grace."

Olajumoke, is a 27 years old mother of two, who came to Lagos with her little girl for greener pastures, while her husband stayed back with their 4 year old child. A lot of people have attributed her story to luck, but you see, I call it "remembrance". GOD remembered her good work! 

All along, this young woman had struggled to sell her Agege bread,  and could only make gain of  300-500 naira per day, no one noticed her efforts- most people may have asked how she was ever going to survive or make a living out of hawking Agege bread. But amazingly, her story has changed. 

Now, all that matters to people is the fame and the good news that follows her, but no one knew how hard she worked. No one knew how she fought those nightmares of "you cannot make it going this way". The world does not know what it took her- patience, not compromising or dishonouring her marriage for some quick cash, her sacrifices, the lonely nights without her husband etc. They think it's luck; but the ones who win are the ones who know. 

I want to encourage someone reading this post, NEVER GIVE UP. Never consider taking any short cut because you want to make money or you want to become famous. If it is bread you are hawking, be faithful in it like our dear sister Jumoke was. Whatever good thing you are doing, be rest assured that it will surely pay off. Just be patient with yourself. People are watching you, they are seeing you, even though no one is complimenting your efforts. But most importantly, GOD is seeing you as well. Always keep this in mind. 

Look for Jumoke's story online or buy ThisDay style Newspaper and read more of her story. Be inspired! 

Check out the transformed Jumoke, on the cover page of Nigeria ThisDay Style Newspaper. Her success story just began! She is an amazing woman with an amazing story.
This is the new Jumoke on the cover page of ThisDay Style. Her life has changed. Amazing young woman with an amazing story. 

Jumoke and her little daughter. 

Who's next. I wish you well Olajumoke!!!! I am so inspired and lifted and most of all, highly motivated to continue doing what I am doing! Your story has inspired lives and has given hope to anyone who was just about throwing in the towel! 

Photo Credit: TY Bello

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