Thursday, 4 February 2016


Sometimes, misunderstanding arises even in the very best of relationships. Oh yes, it does. 

Someone once said that, if there are no misunderstanding in your relationship, you should get suspicious that something is very wrong. When you are learning each other, there is every tendency that arguments would occur, may be as a result if experiences, personalities or even background differences. But whichever it is, the willingness to admit, face and discuss issues that cause misunderstandings, which lead to emotional stress in your relationship is a vital key to a successful relationship. 

A lot of couples hide their feelings and emotions because they want to avoid misunderstanding or quarell with their partners. They harbour all kinds of emotional hurt and pretend that everything is okay. With every passing time, these little unexpressed negative emotions become deep rooted problems, which eventually lead to an implosion (violent outburst from the inside)- that is when you hear this phrase "as a result of irreconcilable differences." 

However, successful couples realise that when they express their true emotions, they are helping the relationship to grow deeper, emotionally and spiritually. 

Expressing your feeling is like when a cloud becomes bright again, after it threatened to rain, but it did not. Talk about your feelings in a loving and none destructive manner; after all, this is the person you profess your love to everyday. You can express your feelings or point out facts, without hurting your partner in any way.  That is why we need wisdom in our relationships and life generally. 

My mom will always say, "Real and lasting intimacy can only be developed in a strife-free atmosphere. When you resolve your arguments quickly, you create room for love and intimacy to thrive and grow.

I wish all marriages the best love ever! Show love, give love and share love to/with your spouse at every given opportunity you have. Love is a way of life and should be seen in our attitude towards our spouse. 

"A happy home makes a happy generation."

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