Monday, 28 March 2016


Sometimes, I browse through people's profile on Facebook, and I almost felt jealous a matter of fact I do. Everybody seems to look so cute, so satisfied and accomplished. And then, I go ahead to check out their info and am like, so GREEN with ENVY. Why? It is because they seem to have it all; the perfect face, job, guy/girl, statistics, words etc. 

And then, I get exhausted and I ask myself, "shouldn't I be doing something better?" Many unread books are wailing in my book shelf, I have to prepare for a professional exam, my blog is screaming SMS (save my soul), life is moving on and moving fast, I have a lot of thinking to do about the 'what' and 'how' of my plans so much to do. 

However, I still appreciate the time I spend either facebooking or browsing through people's info, photos and pages. Reason is because, it is not only a time to keep up with family, friends and foes, it is a reflective time. Everybody seems to be happy on FB, but in reality, not everyone is 'that' happy. 

I read an article sometime ago, saying that FB has the tendency of depressing many, because their friends on FB look happier than them, as such they would think they are the only ones not having it smooth. Much as I would love to disagree with that, there could be an iota of truth in it. Everybody has personal challenges however, we all know it is not written on the face. Nobody wants to put a gloomy face on FB. 

Ok, forget about FB. What about the people we judge from afar? Some of us wish we were 'that' rich friend, that devastatingly handsome dude that has all the girls swooning all over him, that girl called the paragon of beauty, that man/woman with the perfect family. Some of us would wish we were the President's son /daughter. Others wish they were the students with the 1st class degree, etc. But would you REALLY want to step into their shoes?

Do not judge a book by it's cover - very true! Do not judge people by what you see or what you presume they have. 

Two friends of mine told me about one handsome and apparently gentle looking man. An executive in a Bank (they later learnt). They were about to admire this clean guy when the unexpected happened. At first they thought the man was having a serious but decent chat with the pretty lady who was standing in front of him. The next thing they saw was an outstanding series of slap ...front hand, backhand, front hand, backhand...(The guy is huge, so try to imagine the scene)and so it continued till my friends started towards them to intervene. The guy left pretending to be an uncle, sshhh ... he was a er em em ..whatever, but their relationship fell under the category you are guessing. And the girl, (lollz) well, the other part of the story is not necessary for your consumption now. 

But what exactly is my point???? Everybody with his/her burden. People may look like they have it all and are perfect, but you know they do not and are not! You do not want to get hooked up with the most handsome man in the world only to discover he is a beast, neither would you want to be that handsome man alias the beast. You would not want to engage a girl with the perfect figure who is also decent looking, only to discover you bought yourself an 'expensive job'(NYSC slang for trouble). 

When next you judge someone, look through and through, you may prefer your state as it were. The truth is, we all put up something nice for first impression sake ; beautiful picture, appear friendly, smiling, gentle. We show our intelligence, degrees and achievements, the list goes on. If you really want to know how to be like the person you admire or maybe you are just dying to be a pal. ..or more, you should get to know their beautiful sides (yes) , then the weaknesses, struggles and experiences. If they are sincere enough to tell you both the good and the bad sides of their person, then you can fairly decide if you want to be like them or not. 

Be satisfied with being you! Keep working and praying to achieve your aim in life, not as a matter of competition, but as a matter of fulfilment. Do not try to be like another. Good envy may be healthy sometimes, one dose at a time; a dose that will wake you up from your slumber. Be happy for people and please, help yourself with a cup of peace! Always remember your best is yet to come. Keep face booking (not excessively) for the right reasons. And please, do put a nice picture on your profile page, am so not against it! Happy people inspire me! Besides, I may need to add you as a friend! Lol. Happy living Friends!


priceless meeky said...

I had a splendid read.

Chinemerem Ifeoluwa said...

Am glad you did. Thank you for reading and commenting. I appreciate.

Chinemerem Ifeoluwa said...

Am glad you did. Thank you for reading and commenting. I appreciate.