Tuesday, 1 March 2016


Often times, a lot of us had held ourselves bound in the chains of unhappiness based on how we had allowed our situations to win us because of "what will be will be"; in that if we were in a terrible situation which needed to be changed (stopped), because of the lies of what will be will be, we'd allowed the situation to win us, making us victims of circumstances! 

But NO, it should not be so! We should never allow negative situations to win us! We have the ability to recreate and change that negative situation, instead of accepting "what will be will be". That's defeat! And we were not created to be defeated, but to be victorious as heirs of the monarch of the universe! 

For this change and recreation to happen, you must first convince yourself that you need a change! You must know when to say "enough is enough"! You MUST realise that you have the GOD-GIVEN ability to recreate and change your situation, no matter how difficult it seems. 

Sometimes, if not most times, what that situation needs is to see you "ROAR AT IT" and you will notice a sudden turn of event! This is true. All that your situation needs to be defeated is to hear you SPEAK AGAINST IT by refocusing your thoughts first! 

Are you facing a hard time, may be In your family, relationship or finances, academics, life generally? This is not the time to cuddle your pillow and cry helplessly. This is the time to start recreating your life, your situation.  Start refocusing your energy towards good! Start seeing things works out for you. Start seeing acceptance! Start seeing relationships work for you. Start seeing yourself enjoying a good life. Start seeing yourself succeeding in whatever you set out to achieve. The more you see it, the more you recreate your life!

Yes I know, you may say I do not understand how tough life is with you. I do! In fact, someone just told you that you can never amount to anything. They have told you several times that you cannot enjoy a good life, ever! But these negative words can and will only work against you if you allow them! Maybe they are working against you right now because you'd allowed them for so long; but it is time to put an end to them! This is the time to put an end to those negative words. Come out of that pit of negative words, negative situations, and start seeing your light! 

All you need to recreate your life is to start refocusing your thoughts! Look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself, "Nothing is wrong with me. I deserve the best life and I shall have it". 

Start enjoying a new life from now! Happy New Month Friends! 

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