Wednesday, 2 March 2016


I was going through one of my journals today, and I was shocked at the things I came across- things I wrote down. 

Back in the year 2010, I had written down the list of things I desired to have and achieve in life, including to get a very good job without writing any aptitude test and all those long protocols people go through before getting a job. After writing my long list, I wrote below "These needs have been met already and I am seeing results". 

The fact was that the long list of my heart desires seemed far fetched and unreal, like I could never have them. But when I saw the journal today and read out those "far fetched" needs I wrote down years ago, I was shocked to my bones at how fast they were met. I had even forgotten that I ever wrote such until today.

If someone had seen the list, they would probably had called me a joker or would have asked me to see a psychiatrist. The funny thing was that I did not have a job, and my situation seemed hopeless! 

So that very day, my heart was so heavy and fear gripped me. I was overwhelmed by the situation and could hardly feed myself or afford the next rent which was almost due. When my worries could not provide me any solution, I started doing what I "know" how to do best! I started writing- the list of things I desire to have and achieve! After writing them down, I ticked each need "good" as though they had already been met! Immediately,the seemingly far fetched needs became so easy and as though they had been met! I was so excited and happy. The joy I felt after writing down those heart desires and seeing them as already met, gave me so much hope and confidence. The feeling was amazing! 

From time to time, I brought out that journal and read out the list of my needs and I felt fulfilled. I changed the caption from "the list of my heart desires" to "my answered prayers" even though they were yet to be met then. But because I started seeing them as met, the Universe could not help but act fast on my behalf to make them happen!. 

This is what happens when  you treat your needs as though they have been met! You are telling your needs "see, you are no longer a need anymore, you have been met". You will be amazed at how your positive energy will bring good results for you!

Why not try writing down your needs- no matter how far fetched they seem and start seeing them as already done! 

Yes, it is possible! 

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