Sunday, 15 May 2016


Faith depends on your ability to feel and accept as TRUE what your objective senses deny or what your present harsh situations seem like. 

Your belief in whatsoever you choose to experience in your life, marks the beginning of your fulfilled desires. I choose to believe and see the best out of any situation,  and as GOD says, the end result is always glorious. 

So friends, go into this new week with a high level of expectation of your fulfilled heart desires! Confident expectation of a state is the most potent way of bringing it out. Confident expectation of a cure does that which no medical treatment can accomplish!

So remember, your belief of who you carry inside of you- THE GREATER ONE, determines the level of your faith!

Activate the GREATER ONE inside of you NOW, and you will be amazed at how much power you possess to change whatever unfriendly situation you are going through! And someone will say, "is It that easy?", YES it is that easy! Start exercising your authority as a master, not a slave!

Have an amazing week friends! 


Wil. said...

Hi Neme,

I am not following rhetorical sentences, but i want you to tell me what can i expect from you as you know i want you.

No more turning around the bush; just let make it clear today once for all what can be possible to happen between the two of us.

For me, I am quite clear with you, as in any of my blog to you, I let you know that i want to have a life with you, as long as you're available. So, let me know today if it's feasible.

Thank you and have a great sunday.

Chinemerem Ifeoluwa said...

I am not available. Like I mentioned to you, I am a married woman. I would like you to stop writing such on my blog henceforth.