Wednesday, 11 May 2016


If GOD gave you a vision, you should purse it. Never get so consumed with your struggles and lifes challenges that you cannot see success! 

You see, there is a process that comes with THE PROMISE! And you cannot reach your promise if you are not willing to go through the tests. Every promise comes with a TEST! 

However, It is only wise for you to realise that you can never become who you desire to be by being the same old person. So for you to reach your promise, there are some things that you should NEVER be part of it- those junks that you fed your soul with. That is why you must embrace your test, go through the process with the help of GOD and come out with flying colours! 

As long as GOD has given you a vision, HE will provide you the resources to execute them! GOD finishes what HE starts! Stay focused! 

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Wil. said...

Neme, you drive me crazy, baby.