Friday, 20 May 2016


There was a woman who ran a business from her house, and was always at the computer whenever her husband came home. She'd be hunched over her keyboard, would barely grunt "hello" and never got up to greet him. Sometimes, she'd work for a good hour or two before they were even in the same room. This created a big gap between her and her husband. 

Then one day, she decided to actually get out of the chair. When  she heard him coming through the door, she got up, said hello, gave him a kiss, chatted with him a bit, served him dinner, then went back to work. She decided to do this regularly. 

Even though it took a mere few minutes and the smallest effort on her part, she said it changed her relationship. 

Just having that little bit of eye contact and interaction with your spouse could cause a huge breakthrough in your marriage. She reconnected back with her husband while her husband made efforts to do things for her too. He admitted that her getting up from the computer made him feel better. 
Instead of ignoring him, she acknowledged him. 

What destruction a little bit of stuff can cause,  and what massive breakthrough a little bit of stuff can bring! 

Pay close attention to details to things that concern your spouse! You really have a huge power to influence and change your relationship.

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