Monday, 23 May 2016


It is hard to be you when you do not know who you are. It is hard to love another when you do not love yourself. Because you cannot give what you do not have. 

GOD is love, and HE made us all in HIS own image and likeness. That means you do not need to search elsewhere to find love. You are love; and you are richly endowed with it. As much as life would want to tell you otherwise, or might want to point to you obvious facts why you are not qualified to be called love or you may have made terrible miatakes and you feel like you deserve to be punished the rest of your life, tell yourself you are love, and you have it in surplus to give! Keep saying it and your transformation will be apparent to all. 

See my dear friend, your mistakes are your stepping stone to greatness- they were all in the plan for your life. Remember, it is like a baby that is born, all the pain and dirts, became the most beautiful gift life can give. So let your love shine!

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