Wednesday, 4 May 2016


To love your life, you do not have to do anything farfetched to make it happen! You only just have to learn to have a good time at all times. Learn to enjoy yourself and all that life has to offer and not be too hard on yourself.

Do not let material pursuits interfere with your happiness; they are  meant to support and augment! 

Loving yourself entails appreciating yourself and giving yourself best treats at all times- and not to always down play yourself or always leave your "front row" seat for people all the time (except for an old person who did not have a place to seat) or think that someone else deserves it better than you. Listen, nobody deserves it better than you do! You are very important, and you deserve all that pertains to life and Godliness! 

We may each have a different idea of what that good time is (perhaps it is being true to self, unconditional loving, serving others, or just maxing out life’s fun factor), but whatever it is for you, that's worth putting forward!

So ease up on yourself, on whatever you are working on in order to get to your happy ending, and let yourself be happy now. The best way to really manifest your dream is to start living it- LOVE YOUR LIFE and appreciate every bit of it!

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