Wednesday, 25 May 2016


Hey ladies, I've got something to share with you- and this is from well experienced people who know deeply about dating, courtship and marriage. Dating most times is the starting point to a short term relationship or a long term relationship which could eventually lead to I DO! 

But firstly, you must pay close attention to every detail and must be brutally honest with yourself no matter deep you may have fallen for that guy. 

When you know who you really are and your worth, you would never accept anything less! Most times, we ladies see the warning signs but we ignore them. The truth is, you can never give a gold ring to a pig and expect it to value it. Never! So that is why you must find out his interpersonal behaviour.  

Does he listen to you when you are talking?  Does he say to you, "you never told me that"? Do you get the sense that your thoughts and feelings are important to him? Does he treat people around him with kindness? How does he react to situations? Will he take time to be with you in times of difficulty as well as joy? Does he try to understand your frustrations and celebrations?

A lot of men do not understand why women celebrate the things they do, so you need to pay close attention to whether he can share in both your misery and your happiness. One single lady ended a relationship before it went any further when on her second date with a guy, he laughed at her for crying at a movie that he thought was dumb. She knew right then that not only was he unable to value her opinion, but he was also intolerant of her feelings. 

If you are asking yourself how on earth you should know these things; I tell you, women who are really focused on something have a great degree of discernment! So pay close attention and listen to your thoughts and beliefs! Every single detail matters, whether you choose to see it or overlook it!

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