Sunday, 22 May 2016


No matter the world's opinion about you or what you call "the real fact", only you can change your situation. You must realise who you are. You must tell yourself uncountable times every time, the very things you desire for yourself, no matter what you see in the mirror of life. You must start seeing the best in you and the best in every situation. 

There is always a reason why things happen. Nothing just happens! You must see the beauty inside of you first before anyone else can! You must see yourself as a victor first before you can conquer. You must win inside first before you can win on the outside. 

Always remember that the world will call you what you call yourself. The moment you accept yourself, you become beautiful. That moment is special! When you conquer the battles of the mind, you are really a victor! Because that's the real battle we fight! 

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