Monday, 30 May 2016


Here's what someone said: 

If you stopped a hundred people and asked them what they were doing to guarantee success in their future, then tracked them until they were Sixty five years, you will find that:

One will be wealthy;
Five will be financially secure; 
The remaining ninety-four will Live and die as dependents. 

Did they plan to fail, No. They just failed to plan! 

Unless you have a vision for your future, with great insights of who you really are and what you really desire for yourself, line up your priorities accordingly, set high standards for yourself, and keep your goals before you at all times- you are destined to be one of the ninety-four. 

You must set achievable goals and must work with your imagination. You cannot be who you did not imagine yourself to be! Your goals must demand growth, and you must be ready to reach them! That's why everyday creates us new opportunities to actualize our set goals! 

Remember this: unless you determine where you are going, you will either end up somewhere else or others will determine it for you! My mom will always say that the poorest man is not the one without money, but the one without goals. 

Let's thrive! 

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