Monday, 16 May 2016


Everybody, including you, has a certain constellation of traits and characteristics that, once identified and displayed, creates a power you cannot begin to imagine. 

You must know what defines you- what makes you stand out from the crowd. You must rise above the noise and become the figure against the wallpaper of the world. You have to stand out against the rules of the world's standard. Define who you are and what works for you. For example, you do not have to wear a very tight, long slit dress to get people's attention, if such dressing is not your thing. You need not run after the crowd to get attention. You must define your own thing and let the world follow suit! 

You all know those ladies who can come into a place and own it (I am definitely a show stopper...For real), they may not wear the most expensive dresses or the most expensive shoes and accessories and perfumes, they may not even fit the media's image of what is conventionally attractive, yet they always seem to be getting all the attention. Love them or hate them. But here is the key part:  It is confidence and self acceptance that makes them so radiant. 

The truth is, if you are not sold on your product, you will not be able to sell anyone else's either! You have to, you must get it right with you first. Discover your best attributes, your most desirable traits, the actual characteristics that make you distinct,  THE REAL YOU! You do not always have to appear dapper (looking good is super though, very! ) to be you! The real you is not what you wear or how you appear, but the real you is inside of you. The moment you discover you, deal with yourself inside first, the outside world will see your glory. 

Someone may ask, how do I discover the real me? Start by appreciating GOD for creating and making you a wonder, then desire  and hunger to discover the real you! You know the best thing that can happen to anyone? When you know that you are free from being in the shadow! The easiest way to know your purpose is when you discover who you really are! 

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