Tuesday, 10 May 2016


It is no longer news that the economy has really deteriorated, and that people are losing hope as to whether the situation would really get better. 

A lot of folks have given up on life and nothing fascinates them anymore. They feel "this is the end" and there is nothing to look up to! Sounds familiar? 

Are you in such situation? Little or no power supply and other basic amenities to help propel your handiwork? No job, no money to pay your bills, No husband, no wife, and the list of burden goes on and on. 

However, I just want you to know, my dear friend, that you are not alone! You are not the only one going through hard times. So many folks are really at their lowest points of throwing in the towel- like literally wishing that their lives could end! But you see, in the midst of all these, all that matters is what you choose to see in spite of the terrible situation you are in.  

I remember when I was about to put to birth, the pain I experienced was so intense that at some point all that mattered to me was the shortest way to get my baby out! And the more I thought about the shortest way to end the pain, the more the pain  persisted and it seemed like the pain had come to stay. And when I could not take the pain  anymore, I heard a voice that said to me, "see yourself carrying your beautiful baby in your hands soonest". 

Consequently, I channeled all my focus to seeing myself carrying my child,  and not the pain anymore. The feeling was magical, I didn't remember the pain  anymore. The pain no longer mattered as I started to see my baby in my hands, subconsciously!  And it was at that moment that my baby came! I had told my husband and my friend and the matron that I was feeling something and that my baby was coming, the matron and the people around told me that I hadn't dilated enough for my baby to come out- meaning that it was not possible.  So they doubted me! I shouted at them that my baby was coming and that I could feel her head, yet they said it wasn't time. My husband rushed towards me and checked under me and behold my baby was almost out. They quickly laid me on  the bed and my beautiful baby came our with ease! The rest is a beautiful story. 

So what am I saying here, you need to start seeing yourself in that beautiful place you desire to be! You need to start seeing your beautiful marriage, beautiful children even though you are still single and not even in a not relationship. You need to start seeing your status changed. You need to start seeing the right things and not the terrible pain/situation you are going through right now. This will only help you vibrate the best positive energy for the supernatural to happen! 

What you choose to see is what you will get, eventually! When you start seeing the best scenario and not the worst, the former is inevitable; those pains will no longer be there in your subconscious,they would not matter anymore because of what you are seeing!  And before you know it, you will be singing a whole new song of joy! So choose to see only the best!

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