Friday, 17 June 2016


I hear alot of people say "seeing is believing" - but the truth is, something might be existing, might be true even though we do not see it- yet! My bible tells me that faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen. So we should learn from this truth. We do not have to see something to believe it. In fact, I say "believing is seeing". 

In all my life's experience, I have come to believe that believing will make you see. Most people only choose to look at what they know now and what they can see. They only rely on their five senses. They are not willing to accept that the way we think and feel have everything to do with the outcomes of our lives. 

You are shaping your world with the way you think and feel. If you are thinking and feeling positively, you are calling forth exactly what you are thinking and  feeling. Same with thinking and having negative feelings. 

Let me share a story with you. A week ago, I was really expecting my husband to come home with some money, but he said that he did not hear from the person  owing him. But I refused to accept what people will call reality. I chose to see abundance. So what I did was to stay positive, and before I went to bed that night, I played back the event that took place the whole day, erased from my thoughts the ones that were not pleasing including the fact that my husband did not return home with any money for the weekend and I replaced my thoughts with every good thing I expected that day. The next morning, before the break of day, my husband received an alert from someone he was not expecting any money from. And believe me, we had an awesome weekend! And alot more amazing encounters just because we choose to believe,and not what our five senses tell us. 

So you see, you do not have to see it before you believe it. All you need to do is to ask, believe and receive. This is how I live my beautiful life-because I play by a different set of rules. 

Believe, then you will see! 

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