Monday, 4 July 2016


Does not Nature seem to strive to produce strong plants, strong animals, strong individuals?

Is life but an effort to produce weak, miserable, unhappy beings—or is it an urge that seeks to develop strong, happy, noble individual forms? 

And how can one be happy, strong, and noble if the source of supply is denied him? What would the plant become if its nourishment were withdrawn?

And yet in spite of all these apparent facts of Nature, there are those who would have us refuse the full supply which GOD has placed in our hands! These people would even deny the supply. 

Oh, I say to you, friends, the POWER that called us into being has placed in this world of ours all that is necessary to our well-being, and has fixed firmly in us the natural hunger for nourishment, physically, financially, mentally, spiritually and every area of our lives! This very hunger is Nature's promise that there exists that which is intended to satisfy it. Claim it! 

That which you need and for which you are hungry, exists for you. It is yours, and you are not robbing anyone when you seek for it and draw it to you.

Claim Your Own, friends! Call it forth! You are worthy of happiness- a great life!

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