Monday, 11 July 2016


Negative thoughts have a way of getting the best of us until we take necessary actions to kick them out of our minds and environments! Oh yes, negative thoughts do not only come from your mind, but also from your environment. For example, if you surround yourself with the wrong people, people who do not believe in what you believe in, especially if you are very positive person who plays by a different set of rules, you are bound to think negatively at some point until you leave that environment! 

The mistake alot of us often make in getting rid of the negative thoughts is "trying so hard"! But the truth is what you resist persists. You are only reinforcing those negative thoughts by trying so hard. The more you try not to think negatively the more you are getting anxious, which leads to more negative thoughts.
To get rid of negative thoughts, you must engage yourself with only what will clear your mind and put it at rest. I usually meditate and speak GODS' word, take a walk, use positive affirmations to get rid of  negative thoughts. 

Please share with us how you get rid of negative thoughts. Have ad fabulous week!

Photo Credit: Stuart Miles

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