Friday, 22 July 2016


Among the best things that you are able to do is to have gratitude; for everything that you have, everything that you've done, for all the individuals in your life, and for the procedure of unfolding and development.  Gratitude is among the higher vibrations in this life and it draws in a super-flow in your life. 

Without gratitude one may get arrogant, and isolated.   Till you truly look at all that you have, and treasure all that you have been given, things may not make any meaning to you.  Did you have anything to do with your appearance?  Or your eye color? Or an utterly healthy body?  Or where you were born? Not at all.

Give thanks for all that has been provided for you. Think, that you are able to see distinctly the trees and beauty around you, that you are able to take a breath of fresh air, that today and just where you are, you are capable of so many things.  Be thankful for the knowledge you have learned.

Be thankful for those who love you.  Be thankful for each experience that has strengthened you and shaped you into the individual you have become.  Be thankful for those individuals who have contributed both knowingly and inadvertently to your success, your emotional support, balance in your life, and your power. There is a force right now in your life that holds you on track; be witting of that. 

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