Saturday, 2 July 2016


Many men are brilliant, resourceful, and industrious, but they fail to reach the goal due to their lack of "stick-to-itiveness." One should acquire the tenacity of the bulldog, and refuse to be shaken off of a thing once he has fixed his attention and desire upon it. 

I read a story about an old Western hunter, who when once he had gazed upon an animal and said "You're my meat," would never leave the trail or pursuit of that animal if he had to track it for weeks, losing his meat in the meantime. Such a man would in time acquire such a faculty of persistence that even the animals would realise that there was no way out for them other than to surrender!

We must be stubbornly persistent to be able to achieve our set out goals- it does not matter how much time you had to spend to get it done! Just stick to it- hold on to it just as the workman holds the chisel against the object on the wheel, never taking off the pressure of the tool until the desired result is obtained! Do not let go of your dreams! 

No matter how strong a will a man may have, if he has not learned the art of being stubbornly persistent- sticking to it, he fails to obtain the best results!

Someone once said that the great difference between men, between the feeble and the powerful, the great and the insignificant, is Energy—Invincible Determination to succeed-win! 

This is a must have for any one who wants to succeed in life! Yes you can!

Photo Credit: Stuart Miles


Treasure Rochester said...

I totally agree with you dear sister. You haven't stopped reminding of the spiritual statusquo that one must wear to break forth continuously in life. I love you for this. Well-done.

Chinemerem Ifeoluwa said...

Thank you so much Dear Treasure. I am so glad for making such great impact. I appreciate your comment. Lots of love.