Friday, 15 July 2016


Once we hit rock bottom, many of our fears depart from us. We realize that the thing we feared most has already happened, but we are still alive. 

We have feared our lack of possessions, but we realize that even without such things, we are still ourselves. We have feared our lack of power, but we realize that even without that, we have the power to do something else, something good and something beautiful. We realize that even in our simple lives, the important things remain! Does anyone know what I'm talking about? 

You must never let your true self die because of situations. You know, these things don't last-they do not! Several times I have been there, then I realised "really, so I made it through? This isn't even as bad and as fearful as it looked". And you know what? I got back up! Well that's what fear does- it feeds your mind and soul with lies and if you are not careful, you may never make it through. 

A lot of people have hit rock bottom and they never got back up. A lot of people you see around have had their own shares of hard experiences even though they go all out all well packaged and all smiley, so what are you afraid of? You must be your true self to be able to get back up when you fall! 

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