Thursday, 7 July 2016


You cannot get what you want by competing with other people, as the world might think that is the best way to get what you want. I feel that people that compete with others have not come to terms with the truth that there is enough for everyone on this planet earth. That is why you see colleagues at work fighting each other for positions. I call it scarcity mindset. 

Do you not know that by not competing, you could become independent and free, even as your natural state ought to be? 

The moment you stop scheming to take someone else's position or some sort, you begin to grow in the consciousness of abundance. You start to see that truly you are able to get everything you desire, with great assurance that there will constantly be more than enough of everything for everybody.

Many people are too conscious of scarcity, lack and they make excuses for themselves at all times, that there is nothing they could do about it except the economy changes. Friend, you cannot continue to live your life at the mercy of the economy. 

As heirs to the kingdom, there is more than enough for everyone and as such should enjoy the benefits. All you need do is to alter your scarcity mindset and begin to think abundance. Always speak abundance, and say it like you mean it. When you continue this way, your confessions will become a reality! 

This is true, as I am a witness of positive affirmations. It is amazing how much power we possess inside of us! So dear friend, there is more than enough for everyone, say no to rivalry!

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