Monday, 25 July 2016


A child, oftentimes seem more courageous than older people because he hasn’t been hurt as much.  His hope is full of all the wonderful things he feels he can still do.  His memory is not yet burdened with failures and doubts. Someone knows what I am talking about? I bet you all can relate to that (I was full of aspirations and dreams until life hit me so hard. Oh, I got back up, strongly)!

But the one who is really more courageous is the person who rises up despite of his many falls.  It is being able to go on despite the hurt, and to move forward despite losing much of his hope. 

When one is trapped between his approaching enemies and a dead-end leading only to a vast open sea, his hope is almost nil. But if he could still pray and believe that even there, God can save him and make a way, he has already achieved victory and much courage.  For that man, even the seas will be parted to make way for his faith!

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