Thursday, 14 July 2016


Some people are givers, they have much to give to others and many people benefit from their generosity.  

There are times however when these people give so much that they feel drained from within without being replenished. Have you ever felt like that? Have you ever felt as though you are giving more than you are receiving? Most times it is because: 

We want to please others and win their love.
We want to please others and avoid confrontations.
We do not want to hurt people and fail their expectations. Oh this part is where I will like to elaborate on. Let me share a story with you, friends. 

I kind of became friendly with this woman in my local church and in a very short time, I had given so much and I did not complain at all. I guess she thought I had all the money (of course I have all the money lol), so she asked me to lend her some huge figures. I told her I didn't have that but I could spare some fractions and she needed not to pay me back. She was shocked and dumpfoundedly thankful. I told her the thanks were not necessary. 

We still were getting along well until I started noticing her nasty behaviour towards me. Of course i did not give a toss about that until her husband stopped responding to my greetings. I eventually told my husband about it. He told me that the husband came to his office few weeks back to ask for some huge sum of money and he told him that he didn't have. That was when the whole thing added up. They got pissed and angry with us because we did not meet up with their expectations! If we had the money we would have joyfully given them,  but we do not owe them anything, so why would they get angry because we did not give them what they requested. 

Why do people do this? I learnt a huge lesson there:

1. Do not be in a hurry to call someone you barely know "my friend".
2. Friendship is not bought, rather it is earned. 
3. Give only to those who inspire you, that way you won't feel drained or that you are giving too much or it is your obligation!

Well done to all the genuine givers!!!

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