Sunday, 17 May 2015


Someone said, that a man's home is the window into his mind. I think I agree with this saying, because when you visit the home of a very creative person, you will see that creativity in the arrangement of his home, no matter how small the apartment is. 

I get bored easily whenever it seems I am not coming forth with something new and you can agree with me that it can be frustrating. And most times, the only way to get myself out of boredom is by rearranging my home and giving it a completely different look and I see myself coming up with ideas that have been on my mind.

Get positively busy in your mind, and by doing so, you are creating your world,  it might not happen immediately, but as they say, dreams come true. 

Have a splendid week!!! 😊😊

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Laura Nwodo said...

It's one thing to be busy it's another thing to be positively busy. I love this post!