Thursday, 21 May 2015


Sometimes, it isn't about how busy you are(which is not bad), BUT by being at the right place at the right time. One moment of encounter can put an end to your years of struggle.

Keep your peace and quiet. GOD might be teaching you something that you'd need for the blessings to come. 

#Nothing is a waste. Remember that the stone which the builders rejected became the CHIEF CORNER! 


Anonymous said...

Hello Chinemerem, I admire you a lot. You write like a very elderly person with experience, but from your pictures I have seen, you are still a very young woman. I would say you are different. Keep up the good work. Zoe

Chinemerem Ifeoluwa said...

Thank you so much Zoe, I am grateful and I must say am touched by your remark. I thank the HOLY SPIRIT for the inspiration. GOD bless you. xoxo