Monday, 16 November 2015


Someone once said that, Fathers who lead their homes out of inner strength, produce daughters who like their femininity, because Dad is secure with them and relates to them as women, and as a result drawing out their femaleness. 

I agree! This is so true! And I will add by saying that if a father is egocentric, weak and distant, he will produce daughters who are unsure of themselves and insecure of who they are! The same with boys, who grow up without a strong father! They would start to engage in unhealthy activities to prove themselves as men and to gain the approval that a weak dad fails to give. 

This is the order of the day in most homes, whereby the duty of raising godly children are left for the moms alone! This should not be! I call it a perversion of the divine order, whereby a man leaves his ordained duty to his wife- practically giving up his office! Then he gets angry when GOD starts blessing the woman and equipping her with all the necessary resources she needs to carry out her "duties"! GOD does not joke with assignments, I have come to realise that! 

From experience, I have discovered that a strong, loving man awakens his wife's femininity! She feels affirmed and accepted and loved! She does not have to compete with no one! She is satisfied! 

Strong men inspire their wives to be secure in their personalities and in their contributions to life! 

See, when a man is secure in his identity, he frees his wife to be secure in hers! The woman can draw his husband's attention to something she feels could be done better, knowing that he will not feel threatened. She can have a different opinion, knowing that she will get a soft landing! 

The truth is, the man gains more when his home is in order! The man is always "in the field" and he needs all the sanity!

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