Wednesday, 6 April 2016


Accepting the present gives you a new starting point to build your potential from. It stops you from being frustrated of all that happened or didn’t happen in the past and it equally stops you from being anxious or frustrated of all that hasn’t happened yet in the future.

Accepting who and where you are now is completely the opposite of giving up. It creates a clean slate from which literally anything is possible.

It is the ultimate self-love and self-worth. And when you embrace who you are and where you are each day a little bit more, your default vibration will rise each day a little bit more. You realise beautiful things are all around you and manifesting on a continuous basis. You will start to shine and welcome life with open arms. And guess what, that’s when miracle happens- In full force and in full abundance. 

Something amazing is about to happen when you love, enjoy and appreciate the present.Trust me! 

And giving up means quit, surrender, lose hope, accept defeat! There is no single hope in giving up- like a dead person! So accept your present, be thankful where you are because a lot of people are in worse situations, be positive and convinced that what you truly desire will come through and most importantly, speak it and see it! 

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