Monday, 4 April 2016


What you resist permits. 

It is true that no matter how much we have, most of us would love to have more and even more! There is no harm in that at all as long as you have the right motive! 

However, as true as this is, I have come to realise that need and abundance do not go together! One must give way for the other, and i know which one you would love to get rid of! You must drop the need first- the desperation and anxiety before you can make room for the abundance that you desire!

In my experience, when I try to resist something, it persists. But when I take charge of the situation by my affirmations and by dropping the need or the eagerness to have something, that very thing that seemed far fetched flows to me easily and effortlessly! 

Resistance is a barrier between you and your desired goals. This is true! So, find a way to release the need energy, be happy, be at peace, treat yourself nicely the way you would treat yourself when you have all your needs met. Just be okay with how things are now and be more thankful. This is the quickest way to swim in the ocean of the abundance that you desire. 

This only works when all the negative energy is released-completely! 

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