Thursday, 28 April 2016


If there were not a deep-seated awareness that that which you hope for had substance and was possible of attainment, it would be impossible to assume the consciousness of being or having it. 

Faith requires you to see with the eyes of GOD and not with your natural sence organs. Faith requires you to believe strongly to the point of knowing, even when everything around you seem "otherwise". You need to make the evidence of your desire tangible enough in your subconscious before you can really begin to experience your desired change. In fact, evidence is a sign of actuality. Meaning that as long as your evidence is real in your subconscious, you are already lifted! 
Consequently, it is obvious that a lack of faith means disbelief in the existence of that which you desire.
Inasmuch as that which you experience is the faithful reproduction of your state of consciousness, lack of faith means failure! 
In all the ages of history, faith has played a major role. It permeates all the great religions of the world, it is woven all through mythology, and yet today it is almost universally misunderstood.
Contrary to popular opinion, the efficacy of faith is not due to the work of any outside capacity, rather your own consciousness- strong belief no matter the circumstance you are faced with! 

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