Sunday, 26 February 2017


At some point in our lives, the majority of us need healing- spiritual healing, emotional healing and mental healing.

Experience has thought me that you can never help someone who has drowned himself/herself in their own shattered perspectives, you know, trying to play the role of a healer". That is not your role! 

I remember rendering a kind assistance to someone who was deeply in need,(I guess I was just being a "busy body") but the person started putting up a mean attitude towards me for whatever reasons known to her. I ignored her, as I was grateful for the privilege.

Well, my point is, as much as each and every one of us is here on earth to solve needs, the truth is, you MUST always ask GOD to bring the right people to whom you are to help! There are people GOD has assigned you to help, not just anyone!

Remember, wisdom is profitable to direct! Learn to discern who genuinely needs to be helped.

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Rosaria Reccia said...

Ciao ti seguo se ti va passa da me