Tuesday, 4 April 2017


People don't change, they only get revealed. You know when the goldsmith heats up a raw gold; what does it reveal? A pure gold! It only reveals a charcoal if the gold is unadulterated! 

Watch out for the adulterated golds- it could be a friend, a lover that seems so harmless, or even a business deal that's too good to be true. Have you tried them out to know if they are pure or fake? You will agree with me that most times, it is difficult the different the fake from the original. You need to have a discerning spirit to be able to different the two! The truth, which may also sound like a cliché still remains, that you will only know a persons true character under "some certain circumstances." 

Someone once said, that an angel will always be an angel and the devil always a devil.

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