Saturday, 23 September 2017


Even if all the outer aspects of our lives seem wonderful, our emotions can still cause us to feel unhappy. Memories of events that caused us great distress can stifle our development. Negative thought habits can fill us with feelings of frustration and powerlessness. Negative self-talk can cause us to sabotage any goals we set.

Emotions can be a tricky thing to understand, but it becomes easier when we consider that our emotions are fueled by our thoughts.

If we THINK negatively about ourselves, we will FEEL badly about ourselves. If we focus on the negative in our lives, our lives will seem to have a negative theme. Whatever we focus on the most determines how we feel. Even if everyone around you is emotionally down or having a bad day, you can choose to stand out by being emotionally strong and happy. It all depends on what you allow your mind to think.

For instance, someone steps on your toes when you were having a really good day; do you start cursing the person or would you rather have a more kind approach towards the situation at hand? Believe it or not, your attitude tends to attract most of your experiences, feeling negative will continue to attract more rude and inconsiderate people into your day while feeling positive will attract more friendly and considerate people in your day.

It may seem like a difficult thing to control your anger when it's ignited, but with practice it gets easier. I'm talking from experience. Rather than internalizing the things that happen to you, especially things you can’t control, simply let go of them and keep your emotional balance. If you pay attention to how you feel throughout the course of your day, you will become aware of whether your thoughts are negative or positive. Then you can simply choose to release your negative thoughts and replace them with positive thoughts – which will make you feel better. Again, it takes consistent effort to fully master this technique.

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