Monday, 1 August 2016


I have learned that the science of habit is all about transforming your environment- getting rid of all distractions whatsoever including unproductive friends. 

If your environment is free of distractions and you are using the right techniques, you will be much more productive, but if your environment is full of distractions and interruptions, you will not achieve anything. 

You know, will power is most times overrated. For example, If you are always buying junk food or having them in sight at all times, you will be tempted to eat so easy each time you lay your eyes on them, even if it's a few bites. But if you put it away beyond your reach and away from your sight, you will be less likely to think of it because they are out of sight. 

Always put inspiring visual triggers around the house. Like it you like to read your bible, always keep your bible within easy view, or you want to read an inspiring book, do same.

What are those distractions that are affecting your productivity? Is it spending too much time on social media everyday? Are you constantly interrupting your work to check Facebook or your email? How many messages are you receiving by phone everyday or phone calls? Do you really need to answer each one promptly? 

Here's a few  tips amongst many that helps me a lot: putting my phone away in silent mode and writing my to do list. They work like magic, that is as long as you want to achieve something very productive everyday. 

Hope this helps someone out there. Can you share your own tips too? We will like to know what works for you. 

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