Wednesday, 24 August 2016


Remember, that "in quietness there is strength," Every person who is ambitions and has a definite object in life should take a few minutes off each day, and sit alone, giving himself a chance to think, meditate, and allow the great rhythmic harmony of Nature to flow through his cleared mind, and thus gain renewed strength and energy. 

It is in these quiet moments, when the outer mind is relaxed and resting, that the inner mind flashes to us that which is best for as to do. We should cultivate this habit in moments of meditation, when we may escape from the people and crowd, and thus be able to listen to the voice that sounds from within. By doing this we place ourselves in harmony with the great Universal Power from which all original ideas spring into our mental organism ready for use a few moments later when we re-emerge into the world of action and of men!

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