Monday, 22 August 2016


Desire it firmly in your heart, confidently, and earnestly (like a child). Do not be half-hearted in your demands and desires. Claim and demand the WHOLE THING, and feel confident that it will work out into material objectivity and reality. Think of it, dream of it, feel it as though you already have your desires met and always LONG for it. You must learn to want it “want it hard enough" with the right motive. 

You can attain and obtain many things by “wanting them hard enough”. The problem with most people is that they do not desire for what they want hard enough, they allow people's opinions to becloud their thoughts, they mistake vague cravings and wished for earnest, longing, demanding desire and want. Learn to desire and demand for what you want just as you demand and desire your daily meals. That is “wanting it the worst way. I have never seen anyone who wanted it hard enough and didn't succeed! 

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