Wednesday, 28 September 2016


I am a firm believer of true friendship; and there are still friends that stick closer than brothers. Still, some friends back down because of so many reasons.
I found out that there are so many factors that contribute to their uncertain behaviours; and here are some:

Because you have a great personality and as such they cannot meet up with your standard.

You play by a different set of rules and as such they cannot and will never understand you. 

The person you are trying to let in to your life does not deserve to be your friend.

You have better friendship with someone other than them.

Such friend(s) always claim to be right and always force their opinions on you.

Their pasts have a strong hold on them.

You have a stronger family background than they.

You took them as friends more than they took you.

You deserve better friends of like minds.

Listen friend, you must love yourself and appreciate yourself; this is the only way remain a winner in the market place. Stop depending on other people's opinions to run your own lives affairs. 

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