Sunday, 18 September 2016


The things around you are not just the ones that can bring you down. Sometimes, there are certain types of people who will discourage you and make you think and see life in a negative Sadly, seeing things negatively leaves no room for your positive sides to grow. 

People Who Insist That You Should Be Someone Else

Be proud of who you are! You have to create your own identity and not the one that is copied from others.
There is no better feelings than to know that the people around you accept you for who you are and not the one they want you to become.

Unfortunately, there are people who do not see and appreciate the developments that you made for yourself that speak of who you really are. They keep on insisting that you will become a better person if you become someone else. Of all people, it is you who knows what is best for you. You can experience real success, love, and happiness if you chose to be who you are and not a second version of someone else.

Let the people around you love and respect you for who you are, and do not conform to please them or feel threatened if you do not become who they want to be!

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