Monday, 3 October 2016


I used to have a friend(s) who whenever she is around me, the rest of my day will be sad and moody. She is so negative and does not have anything good to offer as far as my state of mind and being is concerned. So one day, I made up my mind to quit that friendship. She was out of my life for the best, and I think you should do same as well. You cannot afford to waste your life with people who will never add value to your life! 

The truth is, the people we surround ourselves with often have a larger impact on who we are and the person we are becoming than we generally like to believe, and the ways in which they treat us- through their words and actions- tend to become our mantra. If they build us up and encourage us, we, too, believe in ourselves and our abilities. But if they tear us down or belittle us, we tend to question our abilities and usually are satisfied with settling for less than what we are capable of or deserve. 

Each day we have the choice to surround ourselves with constructive individuals who might help to build us up, or destructive individuals who seek to tear us down. However unimportant such decisions might seem to us in the short term, they will most assuredly go on to determine whether much of our experiences in life are positive or negative.

And quite frankly, quit the company of miserable or negative individuals who bring you down and make you feel bad. Make it a priority to seek out those who make you feel good, and do your best to make them feel good as well!

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