Wednesday, 19 October 2016


Did you know that people can make themselves over, and change their entire natures? This is not mere idle theory, but it's a working fact which has been demonstrated by thousands of people, and which is coming more and more before the attention of the race. So don't be too apt to regard yourself as the creature of your emotions and feelings, and to fancy that these feelings and emotions are "who I am or who we are". 

Do not think that feelings are the things that rule you and that you cannot free yourself or rebel against it. Do not yield to the feeling without question- knowing fully well that these feelings could only bring unhappiness and failure instead of happiness and success. Do not say, "I am made that way," and let it go at that. NO! 

The truth is, you are the master of your emotions and feelings and as such can never be their slave! You can decide to change who you feel you are or who the world perceive you to be only if you can ask help from GOD. If you try to change your nature through your efforts, you are only embarking on a futile venture. But if you allow GOD'S effort, you will enjoy a total transformation with ease!

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