Thursday, 6 October 2016


We sometimes have a tendency to forget ourselves and to set aside our needs in order to care for other people.  This is not bad!  But we must remember that the most important gift we could ever give to the world is to be the best of who we are. It is our very presence that should stir joy and inspiration in their hearts, not merely the things that we do.

Think about our relationship with GOD.  GOD gives us many things – food to eat, clothes to wear, friends to talk to, activities to enjoy, dreams to achieve, missions to accomplish.  But though these things be good and many, not one of them could ever compare to the GIVER of them all.  Even if we could have HIS gifts, our happiness would not be complete without HIS Very Presence, the Gift of HIMSELF!

We do not seek GOD in order to have the world, we seek GOD because if we have HIM, we would not need anything more!

You are a gift to the world, don't you ever forget that! 

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