Friday, 14 October 2016


Our happiness is not so much a product of the big things that occur in our lives, as it is the little things, as long as we let them make us happy. Unfortunately, there are those among us who desperately seek only for the "great pieces," who ignore the importance the little things play in their lives or take them for granted because they seem small or insignificant. But nothing could be further from the truth. 

We do not have to wait for something big to happen before we can be happy; our lives are already filled with an endless supply of positive things, if only we would take full advantage of them. And often times all it takes is a slight change in our perspectives- a shifting of our focus towards recognizing the positive little things and accepting them as a remarkable part of our lives- to do just that. 

When that song I really enjoy listening to comes on, or my drive home is safe and pleasant. When the hurts of yesterday have subsided and I wake up feeling refreshed, renewed, and excited for the day. When I receive a compliment from a complete stranger, or run into a friend who shares with me a moment of their day. It is there, in these little advantages, that we discover the "human felicity" that is ever present within us. 

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