Monday, 24 October 2016


Praise is one of the most powerful and effective motivators in life. It is fertile soil for the soul; solid ground into which we can extend our roots to help us weather the storms of life.

When we encourage others, we foster creativity, but when we discourage them, we destroy it. And yet, even with this understanding, others cannot help us much if we are simply waiting around for their encouragement and praise. Doing so will most likely leave us feeling discouraged and depressed over time as we are placing a dependence on external catalysts for our happiness in life. Learn to encourage yourself more because it is what you have the you will give. 

However, it is incredibly important for us to be aware of the encouragement and praise we are giving to others in our lives, and the positive effects we have on them, especially children, who are at a very impressionable stage of their lives. The encouragement we give to children is nourishment for their delicate flower of creativity; it is life-giving and supportive, contributing directly to the building and fostering of authenticity, imaginativeness, and creativity in this world. 

Who will you encourage today? (Smile, it's a great week)!

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