Thursday, 29 December 2016


Being different is a small part of being authentic, as it embraces one's uniqueness. This alone, however, does not elevate us above those around us. If we truly wish to stand out from the crowd, we have to be "outstanding." 

Being outstanding might not really be easy, especially when your efforts seem to be going towards something that the world feels will not come naturally to you. In such instances, it can be easy to get frustrated or discouraged when we see very little progress for all our efforts when it obviously comes more easily for others. 

That is why It is important to realize, however, to focus on what really matters- the quality of work you do and not bother yourself about how much effort others put forth. If yoy want to be outstanding, you must first believe in something- a revelation of who you truly are and in the one who called you- GOD ALMIGHTY! If not, you will keep trying hard without results. 

Wishing you all an extraordinary 2017

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