Monday, 12 December 2016


Gardens should be nourishing to the seeds that are planted within them; those seeds need lots of healthy nutrients, sunlight, and water to germinate, grow, and flower or produce a beneficial harvest. They also require tending to and care, such as fertilizers, pesticide, and continual weeding and trimming. Our dreams and desires are much like the season's harvest of a garden- they are dependent upon how well we nourish and empower them with strong, healthy beliefs. And the beauty of this realization is that we can determine how successful we are at reaching our dreams and desires simply by believing in ourselves and embracing positive attitudes, and no one can take this away from us unless we allow them to do so. 

And even if our attitudes are negative, or wishy-washy and on the fence, all it takes is a simple shift in perspectives to make a world of difference. Everything picks up when we begin to believe in our self: self-image and self-confidence, feelings of happiness and contentment, work performance and productivity, even relationships- for it is easier to be with someone who believes in himself or herself than it is to be with someone who does not. 

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