Tuesday, 6 December 2016


In the early years of my life, as a little child, I had always loved to be in the limelight, but somehow, my parents just did not allow me express my true inner abilities. I have always known what I wanted in life, but I was restricted. I never wanted to do science, but my parents thought I would do well with science but I know I loved arts. Well, my point is, they actually decided my whole life for me, which made me lose interest in so many things- even when I was forced to read Agricultural Economics in the University. 

Well, now I have the chance to really do what I love doing, and very open to greater opportunities that will take me to where GOD has destined me to be.

So, If you ever feel like you have failed to find your true calling in life, do not lose hope.

The truth is, we are all entitled to do-overs in life- we will all need them at some point in the journey. Just do you best to love the work you find and commit to, and be open to all of the opportunities that come your way. Cheer up! Your best days are coming! 

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