Friday, 30 December 2016


Whether we like it or not, our children are watching us!

You can dole out as much advice as you want, but your personal conduct makes a more lasting impression than your words.'The number one way human beings learn is through imitation and copy,'says Fay. If you want your child to be honest, make sure you practice honesty. If you want your child to be polite, let her see your best manners, at home and in public. 

The other day, a little girl of about 7 years of age bumped into me, and the stuff I was holding fell over the whole place. Her mother held her and walked away without saying sorry. I watched this woman walk away with her child without telling her to say sorry to the "stranger" and I felt bad for the mother. What kind of example is she teaching her daughter? Your answer is as good as mine. 

So let is be role models to our children. Because the measure we give them now (good or bad) is the measure that we will receive from them- in the nearest future!

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