Tuesday, 28 March 2017


“Never go to bed angry” is a cliché that we always hear. This has proven to be a very sound advice, and a motto that many couples live by.

For a married couple who is just starting out, "petty arguments" can not be avoided! That's the truth, unless you are living in pretence. The first year of your marriage (or even more depending on the couple) will be the "test of love" to determine the strength of your love. The strength of your love for each other will serve as the “building block” of the rest of your years together.  

However, do not be afraid to admit if you are wrong. Pride in marriage has a very expensive price to pay. Do not put this pride between you and your spouse. If you are in the wrong, do not be afraid to admit it, and then apologise.

Remember that you are together in spite of your individual differences. Go back to what brought you together in the first place and you can never go wrong.

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